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Guerilla Geisha - Lingerie with a bite!

Indulge yourself in the world of Guerrilla Geisha where  fun, provocative and alluring lingerie is created for those with unconventional and extravagant taste. Guerrilla Geisha inspires an ecclectic, irreverent unique style for strong passionate women. Enter the burlesque, Pin-Up, tattoo and punk rock realms of Guerrilla Geisha to feel like the biggest diva that walks this earth . Be the irreverent  godess you want to be in our luxurious lingerie!
Guerrilla Geisha lingerie is created with a conscious aim to make every woman feel in tune with their femininity using the highest quality fabrics, the silkiest of satins  , the prettiest unique prints designed by us specifically to create a distinctive and exclusive style.
We take great pride in creating lingerie than not only is beautiful, timeless and unique but is also extremely comfortable and has the snuggiest of fit.